The meaning of Web Design

web-947271_1920What is web design? Well, this can be answered in several ways. Generally, web design consists of creating both the structure and visual look of an online site. The primary purpose of web design is usually to showcase an individual or a company’s content by gathering related ideas and organising them in a way that’s neatly presented and suitable for their audience to access easily.

It really is combination of technical knowledge and creative visual flair, so not many people possess exactly the right combination of traits for the job, but it can come from experience. When it comes to the design aspect, there are many factors to consider including visual elements like the colour, layout, graphics, contents and fonts. It is important that all these elements are balanced and well-thought out.

Let’s start with colour; be sure to pick a colour scheme that represents the business or an individual, and contributes to the overall message and desired action for your audience to take. For the layout to work, all the graphics and content need to be laid out logically and assist people moving from one area to the next. Images, logos, icons or video clips must be positioned correctly ensuring they fit the whole theme and layout. From there we move onto the fonts. Be sure to pick a font that renders well in a web browser at different sizes, and is generally easy to read. Last but not the least is the content. Both content and design must both work in sync together, making sure you have the ideal content that matches your purpose and your preferred style.

Not only do you need to pay attention to design, but one of the most important aspects is creating a user-friendly and functional website in terms of the technical side, as well as putting it to the test and identifying issues to fix. This means testing the usability of the whole design and making sure the website is simple and easy to use for visitors. Following the process of making a user-friendly website will likely to keep and attract more visitors to your website. Factors to consider include navigation, compatibility, interactivity, multimedia use, accessibility and more.

If you want to learn more about web design, an article from The Guardian explains more detail on how to create the perfect website.

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