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How to make your website SEO friendly

by LestherYes

SEO stands for search engine optimisation and is used in web designing to lure more traffic. This is a vital part of publishing your website. That’s why all web developers will always need to look at factors that will create an SEO friendly website. Factors to consider are as follow:

1. Neat web codes –

The search engine can only read an HTML. Therefore any other code that isn’t HTML won’t be picked up.

2. Minimise heavy graphics –

Visitors loves a speedy website that loads in an instant, and almost everyone wouldn’t have the patience to wait for a site that’s loading for more than 5 seconds. Reducing heavy graphics like a large HD image may help with fast loading, but keep in mind to not sacrifice one of your best contents. Balance is key.

3. Lesser code –

Be sure to have short or tighter codes for embedding because less code means faster loading time.

4. Convert text to image files –

Search engines do not read images, so by converting text to images you are preventing duplication penalties especially if your text comes from a tagline under your logo.

5. Prepare content –

Plan and prepare your content in advance. When your text is entered it automatically becomes SEO friendly especially when uploaded on word press. Word press is known to optimise 90% of your content. Tech.co explains why producing a creative content is important as it will be more valuable and attractive to the users. 

6. Easy navigation –

The layout, themes, content must be placed neatly on the website so that visitors can easily navigate and find what they are looking for. Search engines will automatically look for sites that are readable and easy to use.

7. Plan –

When creating a website, always take your time and do not run before you can walk! So plan and do the work and everything will fall into place eventually.

8. Using keywords –

SEO loves keywords, be sure to have the right keywords and set them correctly on the website.

9. Social media –

Having a social media will help you link and interact with potential visitors. It is used to target and market it to people that can help your website build further links.

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